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 Shipping Specialist  |  $14

The Shipping Specialist is responsible for preparing manufactured products for shipments and maintaining records of the movement of parts, supplies, materials, equipment, and stock to and from the manufacturing facility.

Warehouse Delivery Lead  |  $14 – $16

The warehouse delivery lead will be working at a growing equipment rental company seeking to hire for multiple positions. Project management, warehouse management, inventory management, dock management.  Prior experience as a team lead is required. Work in a fast-paced warehouse environment, managed pulling orders, managed counts and audits, managed packaging areas, and managed loading dock traffic and scheduling.

Assembly Specialist  |  $14 – $15

The Assembly Specialist is responsible for completing mechanical and electrical assemblies and subassemblies to assist in the manufacturing of sign products. Assembling pre-fabricated metal parts, working with steel and aluminum pieces, industrial environment – production line, working as part of an assembly team, able to pass basic math/ruler test.

Paint Prepper  |  $14 – $15

The paint prepper is responsible for preparing signage parts and products for paint processing by disassembling, inspecting, curing, and grinding buffing parts.

Machine Operator- Aluminum Parts (Trainee)  |  $14

The machine operator will train to manufacture metal pieces from metal using industrial equipment.

Forklift Operator  |  $14 – $15

The forklift operator will be handling material and pulling orders to maneuver around the warehouse.  Must have previous forklift operation experience.

Manufacturing Associate Trainee  |  $15 – $16

The manufacturing associate trainee will be working specifically in textile manufacturing, gaining expertise in a dye house, knitting, inspection, material handling, and warehouse operations.

Lead Painter  |  $16 – $18

The Painter is responsible for applying paint to signage parts/materials with polyurethane and/or epoxy single stage paints using HVLP sprayers to meet work order specifications.

CNC Machine Operators (Trainee & Expert)  |  $13 – $17

The CNC machine operator will produce parts using a variety of manual machines; maintaining quality and safety standards; keeping records; maintaining work area and supplies.

Material Handler and Production Specialist  |  $15

The material handler and production specialist is responsible for accurate physical receiving of materials/product to maintain integrity of inventory control and insures delivery of materials/product to the proper department.

Production Supervisor  |  $17 – $20

The production supervisor will direct and guide performance of employees, assign production schedule by analyzing and grouping work orders, complete production plan by assigning personnel, maintain compliance with established policies and procedures, and more.

Production Associate–Woodworking Helper  |  $14 – $15

The woodworking helper will work with table saws, band saws, miter saws, nail guns, skill saws, sanders, miter saws, and more.  Must be able to read blueprints and a tape measure.

Machine Operator–Direct Mail–2nd & 3rd Shift  |  $15

The machine operator will be responsible for setting up and operating equipment used to fold, match, and/or insert multiple pieces of printed material(s) into an envelope.  Operators must be able to troubleshoot equipment and provide proper adjustments to meet established hourly production standards.  Must sort and prepare mail according to the USPS regulations, and operate in a team-oriented environment.

MIG Welder  |  $16 – $18

The MIG welder must be able to pass a weld test, and will be welding aluminum parts both horizontally and vertically.  Must have manual dexterity and mechanical abilities, along with physical fitness and agility.

Chemical Operator–3rd Shift  |  $17

The chemical operator must have at least 3 years of prior chemical operating experience. Must be able to understand batch instructions for mixing chemicals, control temperatures and flow rates, and have the ability to lift up to 60 lbs, to use bulk tanks and diaphragm pumps, and keep records and maintain a safe working environment.

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