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Long-term temporary staff

Short-term temporary staff 


Direct Hire Candidates

Contract labor 

Payroll administration

Insurance services 


Business Segment Served


Commercial Construction

Skilled Tradesman (welder, plumbers, masonry, carpenters, pipe fitters, painters, rod busting, electrician, sheet metal mechanics, millwright)

Semi-Skilled (helpers, electrician helper, top helper, welding, plumbing apprentice)  

*General Labor dispatched daily

Logistics Solutions

Warehouse management,  Inventory control, Forklift operators, Maintenance, Material Handling, Data Entry/Mgmt 


Production supervision, Shipping/ Receiving, Quality Control, Material handling, Machine operators, Paint Shop, CNC Operations, Machinist, PLC Robotics, Maintenance Tech. 

And more…….


Pricing includes;

All Wages, withholdings, Social Security, Medicare, State/Fed Unemployment, Workers Comp, General Liability, quarterly and annual tax reporting, tax deposits and payroll processing according to your pay schedule.  W-2’s furnished year end. We deal with the audits.